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The third installment in the dragon Ball Z: Budokai series of 3 chiều fighting games pits Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and dozens of other dragon Ball characters against each other across 12 stages. Players kick, punch, shoot Ki blasts, và perform special moves in this fighting game. This long Ball Z game can be played on the Play
Station 2 and accommodates up to lớn two players.

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How bởi you play rồng Ball Z: Budokai 3?

Gameplay in Budokai 3 consists of one-on-one battles between dragon Ball Z characters. Although combat locks players onto a 2d axis, you can pivot in 3 chiều to dodge attacks and deliver surprise blows.

Basic Moves - Every character"s standard move mix in this dragon Ball Z game includes Punch, Kick, Energy, & Guard. Combining moves lets you perform special attacks.Ki - Both fighters have Ki gauges that deplete when you dodge and increase when you transform.Transformation - Some characters in this trò chơi can transform to lớn achieve stronger attacks, such as Goku và Vegeta.What trò chơi modes does dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 include?

Story mode in dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 involves traveling the rồng Universe as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Uub, or Broly & fighting other characters while searching for money, capsules, & Dragon Balls. Other game modes in dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 include the following:

Dueling - In this game mode, two players can fight each other, or one player can engage the computer.World Tournament - Up lớn eight players can battle in a rồng Ball Z martial arts tournament. You can play this mode against the computer for Zeni, the game"s currency.Edit Skills - This mode lets you buy và allocate skills lớn each rồng Ball Z fighter"s seven-slot skill tray.Can you unlock characters in long Ball Z: Budokai 3?

Like other games in the long Ball Z: Budokai fighting series, Budokai 3 features a diverse roster of fighters with varying strengths and abilities. You can unlock dozens of additional fighters by completing special tasks in rồng Universe mode. Here are a few:

Trunks - Complete dragon Universe mode with Vegeta lớn unlock this competitor.Hercule - To unlock this dragon Ball brawler, assist him in the long Universe Maijin Saga.Frieza - Unlock one of Goku"s nemeses from both rồng Ball and Dragon Ball Z by defeating him in long Universe mode as Goku.Majin Buu - This rồng Ball Z series villain also appears in your roster once you beat him in dragon Universe mode as Goku.Content provided for informational purposes only. E
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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Cheats For Play
Station 2

Speedy Saibamen cấp độ up Go to lớn Dragon Arena, pick your Saibamen. Then fight the highest cấp độ Yamcha you can fight. If you selfdestruct on him he will automaticly die as he does in the series.

Contributed by: SSJCheesecakes

Quickly Unlock Z-Z3 modes

When you unlock Uub (kill Kid Buu using the Spirit Bomb) he only has lớn fight 3 characters to kết thúc his trò chơi (you still get credit when fighting on super hard, Z, Z2, & Z3). However, dont collect the dragonballs after the first time you beat DU otherwise you will have khổng lồ fight Omega Shrenron which is nearly impossible to vì chưng in any of the Z modes.

Contributed by: Chasers

Destroyed cấp độ

At the màn chơi select press circle & you will get the destroyed version of a stage. (Doesn"t work on the levels inside buu,world tournament arena & the hyporvolic time chamber.)

Contributed by: ofirissmart

Easy z mode win

To defeat the z modes easily start DU & play it till your last with very easy level. Before your last match turn your màn chơi to z and then beat the final fight & you will complete the game on z mode.

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Contributed by: ofirissmart

Get Bibidi"s Pot

To get the capsule Bibidi"s Pot, go through all the chapters (1-12) in Training.Here"s what this tác phẩm capsule does:"Random effect acticated from among all thành tựu Skills."

Contributed by: Karasuhebi

How to get Potara"s Supreme Kai

To get this Potara you have lớn play with Gohan (Adult) in the second time (DU). Do the same thing lớn get Supreme Kai. After the Battle with Fat Buu, you have to win this battle & then don"t go to lớn the red point. Go lớn Central City và next go to lớn west cost and in a island no much big winth trees you found Potara"s Supreme Kai.

Contributed by: bluephanter

Improving the odds for still needed capsules lớn appear.

At 99%, it"s quite annoying khổng lồ wait hours for a last capsule. You can improve the odds by buying everything that appears for the kind of capsule your last capsule belongs lớn (ability/equipment/item). When having 9 of a capsule, it won"t appear in the siêu thị anymore until every capsule in that kind has 9 as well, therefore improving the odds for the remaining capsule to lớn appear! It works for rare specials (>10000 zenie) as well!

Contributed by: Thea

Break Lifebar Scouter

When you win the button press(Like when it says attack wins) và use an ultimate attack like gigantic meteor(Broly), Angry Explosion(Majin Buu), or Super Spirit Bomb(Goku) và kill you opponent with it;Their scouter lifebar will be shattered and broken.

Contributed by: arnobslifer

miễn phí levels in DU mode

Here"s how this works, take any character (I did this with Gohan), start DU mode, enter a battle, fight it, và that battle should give you at least one level. Then, quit out of DU mode WITHOUT SAVING, I repeat, do NOT SAVE your game. Start DU mode again with the same character, and if you notice, you"ll have the same cấp độ you had when you quit, but are back at the same starting point!

Contributed by: hafta_swim

Story Reenactments

these are the Story Reenactments in budokai 3:

Unlockable Unlockable Goku-Use kamehameha vs. Raditz. Piccolo-Use special beam cannon vs. Raditz. Tien-Use ki blast cannon vs. Nappa. Kid Gohan-Use masenko vs. Nappa. Krillin-Use destructo disk vs. Frieza khung 2. Goku-Turn super saiyan vs. Frieza. Yamcha-When your life is red use a senzu bean vs. Dr.Gero. Piccolo-Use fuse with kami vs. Cell. Vegeta-Hve at least half life remaining vs 17 absorbation Cell. Vegeta-Use final flash vs. Perfect Cell. Teen Gohan-Turn super saiyan vs. Goku. Teen Gohan-Use father son kamehameha vs. Super perfect Cell. Vegeta-Use final explosion vs. Majin Buu. Goku-Turn super saiyan 3 vs. Majin Buu. Piccolo-Fight vs. Super Buu for more than 60 seconds. Gohan-Turn mystic Gohan vs. Super Buu. Goku-Use super spirit bomb (in normal state with super sayian 1+2 equipped) vs. Kid Buu. Vegeta-Turn super saiyan 4 vs. Super saiyan 4 Goku. Goku-As super sayian 4 Gogeta use 100x big bang kamehameha vs. Omega Shenron. Broly-Use gigantic meteor vs. Gohan for the first time. Uub-Use ki cannon vs. Goku for the first time.

Contributed by: ofirissmart

New World Tournament Levels Unlockable Unlockable Have 16 or more characters available/unlocked, beat Novice level, then buy from capsule cửa hàng Have 32 or more characters available/unlocked, beat Adept level, then buy from capsule cửa hàng Defeat Cell when he has "broken in" in rồng Arena
Adept Level
Advanced Level
Cell Games Rules

Contributed by: Ack

Unlockables Unlockable Unlockable Find him at Plain among the south island và bring him khổng lồ Bulma in West thành phố (Krillin DU mode 2nd time) Defeat apk 17 in long Universe mode with Piccolo Complete dragon Universe mode with Krillin In the beginning of DU fly over khổng lồ Raditz"s spaceship, you should see a ???. Enter it & you should get him. Defeat Captain Ginyu in rồng Universe mode with Goku Defeat Cell in dragon Universe mode with Teen Gohan Beat Piccolo in dragon Arena when he broken in (your level must be at 20-40) After beating Frieza under where you beat him, should be SS Vegeta. Beat him and Vegeta will tell you about him. Go to lớn Cooler"s red mark and beat him. In story mode defeat Dabura with Adult Gohan Defeat Dr. Gero in long Universe mode with Yamcha Play through long universe with goku Defeat Frieza in long Universe mode with Goku After defeating Broly In dragon Universe Mode Defeat Gotenks At The World Tournament Arena In Vegeta"s DU instead of fighting Kid Buu go find Goku who is now a Super Saiyan 4. Defeat him and you will get this Fusion. Buy it from Skill Shops(Random) when you got đen Membership card On a time through as Goku/Vegeta.Instead of fighting Uub/Brolly,you receive an invetation from their sons lớn fight in a fusion. Just win that fight. Complete long Universe mode with Teen Gohan defeat kid buu with a super spirit bomb và there"ll be a continuation of DU. Don"t go to lớn the dot. Go to the islands next lớn the dot and go khổng lồ the ??? Defeat Goten in rồng Universe mode with Gohan Buy in the capsule shop. In story mode defeat cell with Teen Gohan or Kid Gohan Help him out in Piccolo DU mode (Majin Saga) at the desert và talk khổng lồ videl at central thành phố Defeat Kid Buu in long Universe mode with Goku Playing As Goku in DU second time before faceing nappa check water khổng lồ the right for Grampa Gohans house to unlock Kid Goku faster Complete rồng Universe mode with Broly Defeat Majin Buu in rồng Universe mode with Vegeta Defeat Majin Buu in dragon Universe mode with Goku Once invited to fight against Gotenks at the tournament, go visit Bulma in west city. Next defeat Gotenks & then you"ll get lớn unlock Omega Shenron. Defeat Recoome in rồng Universe mode with Goku Beat Nappa in rồng Arena when he broken in (your cấp độ must be at 10-20) Defeat Super Buuin long Universe mode with Goku You will find him at the plain before you go to the last battle in Gohan DU mode Complete rồng Universe mode with Kid Gohan Complete rồng Universe mode with Vegeta Defeat Majin Buu in long Universe mode while playing with Vegeta. Defeat Kid Buu with Goku in dragon Universe with the Spirit Bomb Defeat Vegeta in long Universe mode with Goku Buy it from Skill Shops(Random) when you got đen Membership card Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Buu"s body in DU Defeat Super Buu as Vegeta in Buu"s toàn thân in DU Go to plains (point 4 on map) with Gohan
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Captain Ginyu
Cell Jr.
Dr. Gero
Fat buu
Gogeta (ssj2)
Gogeta (ssj4)
Gogeta (Vegeta)
Gogeta Capsule
Goku (SSJ4)
Great Saiyaman
Kid Buu
Kid Goku
Kid Goku
Kid Trunks
Majin Buu
Omega Shenron
Super Buu
Supreme Kai/Kaioshin
Teen Gohan
Trunks (young)
Vegeta SSJ4

Contributed by: faizu, kefjebosje, Windmaster715, Chaos00, takemetoyourleader, way2tired2name, Dj17Blue316, charlesg154, Lion_Starr, Death
U, awesome_123, Heyjose25points

Hidden Costumes

During the rồng universe you get passwords that you can unlock once you complete DU with every character. When you choose your character Press R1 for a password screen enter the codes lớn unlock these costumes. The Codes are Case sensitive so enter them exactly the way they are

Effect Effect Doumo
Omataseshimashita Jaana
Aouna-! Gahaha
Armor Trunks
Goku with Halo
King Piccolo

Contributed by: tervalentcoast6

Silver, Gold, & Black membership cards.

The cards can either be bought in the cửa hàng after you spend a certain amount there, or found in dragon Universe by a character of high enough level. In DU, the cards appear at the same place for each character every time. For Goku, (probably the easiest character lớn get them with) they appear on an island just West-Northwest of the main continent. It doesn"t matter how many times you go through DU, it is your character cấp độ that matters.

Unlockable Unlockable Character Lvl 30+, or spend 250,000 zenie in shop. Character Lvl 15+, or spend 100,000 zenie in shop. Character Lvl 2+, or spend 1,500 zenie in cửa hàng or have budokai 2 save.
Black Membership Card
Gold Membership Card
Silver Membership Card

Contributed by: songokuss3

Unlockable Stages Unlockable Unlockable Defeat Perfect Cell in Goku"s long Universe. Instead of fighting Piccolo in the Mountains, go khổng lồ Grandpa Gohan"s House & defeat Goku (w/ Kid Gohan in DU mode 2nd time) In ( Adult) Gohan DU, go there and beat Goten, then next beat Videl, and come back to lớn Granpa Gohan House enter in it và you will unlock Beat Super Buu inside of himself with Goku và Vegeta. Play the Namek saga. Unlock dragon Arena mode. Beat Kid Buu in both Goku & Vegeta"s long Universe in Supreme Kai"s World khổng lồ unlock. lớn unlock the Urban cấp độ in the beginning of Teen Gohan"s rồng Universe go to Central City.
Cell Ring
Grandpa Gohan"s House
Granpa Gohan House
Inside Buu
Planet Namek
Red Ribbon Army Base
Supreme Kai"s World
Urban Level

Contributed by: Thea
N, kbishop, Boo & Bowser, lilmattsback, shyguy_01, Pikab

Extra Difficulty Levels Unlockable Unlockable Beat dragon Universe on Very Hard once Beat long Universe on Z Mode once Beat long Universe on Z2 Mode once
Z Mode ( Goku"s Wish )
Z2 Mode ( The Path lớn Power )
Z3 Mode ( Endless Path khổng lồ Power )

Contributed by: Samanosuke

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