Ji Hyo calls Jong Kook “Hyung” during human curling game & then they low key bicker for the first time awkwardly & politely over Jong Kook cheating

Bạn đang xem: Running man korean

Episode 11: Ji Hyo wants a “Kim Jong Kook voucher” khổng lồ help her as she is dangerously on the verge of losing giant cardboard jenga

During the Find The Thief game, Jong Kook’s drawing of Jae Suk is used on the cards, and when it is Ji Hyo’s turn to lớn choose a card, she picks Jae Suk’s face instead, inciting praise và a high five from Jong Kook

Episode 13: Ji Hyo falls to lớn the ground from getting scared by the chaser Jong Kook and he asks her why she’s being like this

Episode 14: Jong Kook acts coy with Ji Hyo during the Find The Thief game và pretends khổng lồ have the thief card;

Her heart rate increases in anticipation of Jong Kook’s singing & quickens even further when he actually sings

Episode 16: Ji Hyo gets on her knees và hugs Jong Kook’s leg, resting her chin on his thigh and pressurizes him with aegyo lớn let her go until he cracks- but this is not given much attention because it’s somehow only a big khuyến mãi when her official loveline lets her go haha

Episode 18: Jong Kook picks Ji Hyo as the one he wants to vày a lãng mạn scene with based on appearance;

Episode 20: Ji Hyo refuses to suffer as the Mission Team’s nhân vật any longer & demands to be in the same team as Kim Jong Kook

Episode 21: No one messes with Ji Hyo and so the best chasing couple is born; The Commander & the Ace completely wipe out the entire Mission team

Episode 25: Jong Kook praises Ji Hyo again for her sense to lớn hide in a mascot, & is once again powerless against her begging to lớn be let go

Ji Hyo showing her turbo fangirl roots as she screams in excitement when he performs- a recurring sự kiện over many other episodes that prove Ji Hyo’s loyalty as a fangirl

Episode 29: Ji Hyo on cloud nine upon being called beautiful by Jong Kook and requests to be called beautiful again. But this is definitely not the last of Jong Kook’s compliments for Ji Hyo;

Episode 30: Ji Hyo picking on Jong Kook by asking why the episode where Jong Kook is the guest hasn’t been planned & they bicker lượt thích children

Episode 32: Ji Hyo pulls Jong Kook’s hair and accidentally touches his sensitive chest- almost starting a police case from office basketball

Episode 33: Ji Hyo suddenly leaning and peeking over the corner against Jong Kook during the impromptu hidden camera- making him surprised

Episode 36: Spartace goes food shopping at the supermarket like a Girl-Boy Scouts couple who cửa hàng really energetically

Episode 37: Ji Hyo predicted as the third generation of people that can control Kim Jong Kook- which is totes tru, & Spartace doing funny bits together and Ji Hyo hits Jong Kook at some point.

Episode 40: Ji Hyo keeps sounding slightly off while playing the flute but Jong Kook can’t help but admit it’s super cute và adorbs

Episode 46: Jong Kook và Ji Hyo interlock finger high five each other first instinctively when they get a workplace couple right & Jong Kook is overly absorbed when choosing couple rings supposedly meant for MC

Episode 47: Jong Kook tricks Ji Hyo to get the wrong answer so he can answer it correctly- his hair is subsequently pulled because they are teammates. Childishness soon ensues from Jong Kook’ over as he teases her.

Episode 53: A sleepy Ji Hyo gets told that the “Oppas that she likes” are teamed with her making Jong Kook smile shyly;

Episode 59: Jong Kook can’t help but take Ji Hyo into his team while holding her hand because she’s the only one left on her team aww but lol she’s actually the spy

Episode 62: Ji Hyo recruits Jong Kook as her spy and doesn’t care that he was the spy before in Thailand;

Ep 008 Bảo tàng lịch sử Seoul – hoàng cung Gyeonghu | Park Jun Gyu, MBLAQ – Lee Joon , F(x) Victoria |

Ep 007 Trung trung tâm Văn hoá | T-ARA – Eunjuong, 2AM – Jo Kwon , CN-BLUE – Jung Yong Hwa |

Ep 006 Tháp Seoul làm việc Namsan | Kim Shin Young, Se7en, Son Dam Bi

Ep 005 kho lưu trữ bảo tàng Khoa học đất nước Gwacheon | SNSD – Jessica , 2PM – Nichkhun

Ep 004 kho lưu trữ bảo tàng Khoa học non sông Gwacheon | SNSD – Jessica , 2PM – Nichkhun

Ep 003 SVĐ World Cup | Kara – Goo Hara , tuy vậy Ji Hyo , Lee Chun Hee

Ep 002 SVĐ World Cup | Kara – Goo Hara, tuy vậy Ji Hyo, Lee Chun Hee

Ep 001 Trung tâm dịch vụ thương mại Seoul |Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Hyori |

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Ep 363 kiếm tìm Bad Girl | SNSD ( Seohyun bận đóng phim)

Ep 362 tìm kiếm ông công ty | Kang Ha Neul, Park Seo Joon |

Ep 361 lưu niệm 7 năm Running Man | Chun Sung Moon, cho Sae Ho, Kim So Yong, Apink – Son na Eun, Tae Hang Ho, Park Geun Sik, Kim Jong Myung, Jeon Wook Min

Ep 360 kỷ niệm 7 năm Running Man | Chun Sung Moon, mang lại Sae Ho, Kim So Yong, Apink – Son mãng cầu Eun, Tae Hang Ho, Park Geun Sik, Kim Jong Myung, Jeon Wook Min

Ep 359 Cuộc đua trái đất 2 | No Guest |

Ep 358 Cuộc đua trái đất 2 | No Guest

Ep 357 Cuộc đua thế giới 2 | Lee Tae Hwan, Apink – Son mãng cầu Eun & Ha Young, Hong Jin Young, Lee Sun Bin, Son Yeo Eun

Ep 356 Cuộc đua toàn cầu 2 | No Guest

Ep 355 Cuộc đua thế giới 2 – cuộc đua hạng tuyệt nhất ở Tokyo | Jung Hye Sung

Ep 354 Cuộc đua thế giới | No Guest

Ep 353 Cuộc đua toàn cầu | No Guest |

Ep 352 Cuộc đua trái đất | No Guest

Ep 351 Cuộc đua trái đất | No Guest

Ep 350 Cuộc đua thế giới | No Guest

Ep 349 Cuộc đua thế giới | Lee Hyo Rin

Ep 348 Cuộc đua trái đất | Jang bởi vì Yeon, Lee Hyo Rin

Ep 347 Cuộc đua toàn cầu | Jang vì chưng Yeon

Ep 346 Cuộc đua thế giới – Running Man mới đổ xô | No Guest

Ep 345 Cuộc đua đặt hàng | Sanrada Park, Han Jae Suk, Yoon Park |

Ep 344 Cuộc phượt đồ ăn uống | Apink – Bomi, Choi Min Yong |

Ep 343 Cuộc đua cặp đôi đón xuân | Choi Tea Joon, Jeon So Min, Lee Se Young, Park Jin Joo, Umji, Kang Ha na |

Ep 342 Trang trí địa thế căn cứ điểm | No Guest |

Ep 341 Cuộc giao dịch nguy nan |No Guest |

Ep 340 Lee Kwang Soo Week | No Guest |

Ep 339 Yoo Jae Suk Week | Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, Lee Chun Hee, Ho Kyung Hwan, KCM |