Let us, before we vì anything, pause for a moment và look at two numbers. The 3SIXT Ultra HD Wi
Fi Sports kích hoạt Camera features, as the name indicates, offers Ultra High Definition video clip recording, which is to lớn say up to 3840 by 1920 pixels of resolution at 24 frames per second. The second number? $179.95. It’s almost unbelievable that you can pay such a small amount for a gadget that, a decade ago, would not have been available lớn a billionaire.

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This is a tiny, tiny action camera. More or less cubical, it measures only 48mm on the longest dimension, and 43mm on the other two và just has a mass of just 71 grams. At least, they’re the figures for the camera alone. In practice, you’ll be using it with some of its accessories attached.

Of course, it isn’t all Ultra
HD all the time. The camera can also capture so-called 2K – 2560 by 1440 pixels – at 30 frames per second, full HD (1920 by 1080) at 60fps và 720p at 120fps. And capture stills, of course, at eight resolutions from 16 megapixels down to card đồ họa (640 x 480).

And it features Wi
Fi gdtxdaknong.edu.vnmunications for viewing through the device with an app android or i
OS smart phone or tablet, or for downloading the video clip and photos.

Now, of course an kích hoạt camera is only useful if you can take it with you or attach it to you or your equipment so that it can record what’s happening. A sub-two inch cube is easy enough khổng lồ take with you, but attaching it khổng lồ things? Not so easy.

The main connections are the slot for holding a micro
SD thẻ (which you supply – Class 10 required for Ultra
HD recording) of up to 32GB, a mini HDMI output và a Micro-B USB socket for charging. The whole thing gets by handily with just five control buttons. A 38mm screen on the back gives you some chance to lớn frame things correctly & shows the main menu, as well as allowing you to display photos & video.

The camera has a very wide 170 degree field of view. The Lithium Ion battery holds a touch over a 1000 milliamp-hours of charge. It takes three hours khổng lồ charge và is rated for 90 minutes of operation.

A small quick start manual is included, but you can download a more gdtxdaknong.edu.vnprehensive one from the 3SIXT website.


In general a lot of gadgets are kind of hobbled. The basic chipset might provide all manner of settings và functions, but many of them are switched off or just not implemented. On one view, that’s in order to lớn keep things easy to use for the consumer, khổng lồ avoid too many choices leaving a consumer frustrated with gdtxdaknong.edu.vnplexity. On another view, it might allow several different models based on the same control electronics khổng lồ be provided, with features unlocked in the more expensive models.

Well, there is none of that here. It looks to me lượt thích 3SIXT has decided that if an adjustment or setting is supported in the chipset, it’s going khổng lồ be made available lớn the user. So the main menu has seven pages with six items on each for a total of forty. It’s lượt thích the same thinking as the collection of accessories: is there a chance the consumer might need it? It’s possible, so let’s put it in!

Don’t worry, you can ignore most of the choices & options. You can just leave, for example, the photo ISO on the default of “Auto”. You only need to intervene if you want one of the fixed values. But, for example, consider the video clip capture resolution. Above I mentioned the four listed in the specifications, but in fact there are eleven choices, including 1080p at 30fps, 720p at normal frame rates, plus WVGA, VGA và QVGA. WVGA is US-style standard definition in wide screen. QVGA is a tiny 320 by 240 pixels. Will you ever need those? Highly unlikely, but if the hardware supports it, why not leave it as available, just in case? In case you haven’t guessed it, I approve.

Other things buried in there: oto mode – which causes the unit to automatically record in the event of a shock – various exposure và picture settings, a time lapse record function (up lớn 60 seconds between frames), và aqua mode which filters out the strange underwater light. Plus a whole bunch of other things.

The unit worked very reliably. The only wobble I had was on one occasion after playing back some videos on its rear screen the kích hoạt camera locked up, begdtxdaknong.edu.vning unresponsive lớn the controls. That was easily fixed by removing the battery for a moment.

The general đoạn phim and picture unique was middling. At its best, with plenty of light the sharp Ultra
HD đoạn phim was dazzling. But there simply wasn’t that much khổng lồ separate full HD from UHD in picture quality. Not surprising, really. The difference between even UHD Blu-ray và regular Blu-ray is a lot harder to pick in terms of resolution than most people realise. Either, though, gave strong results.

There’s quite a bit of barrel distortion around the edge of the picture, due to lớn the very wide field of view. There are two slightly narrower fields of view available (in that gdtxdaknong.edu.vnprehensive menu system). Zooming up khổng lồ 4x is possible & this of course also narrows the field of view, reducing edge distortion, while making the stuff still in the frame a little softer. But here the 4K gdtxdaknong.edu.vnes in useful because this increases the detail in the image able lớn be zoomed. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it makes some.

The Wi
Fi function can be used khổng lồ transfer videos and photos to the phone or tablet, khổng lồ somewhat remotely start và stop recording or take photos, và to make a subset of the adjustments available through the camera’s own menus. The camera does not connect lớn your trang chủ Wi
Fi network. Instead you connect directly to it as a wireless access point with your i
OS or app android device & use an ứng dụng called Canany to lớn perform those functions. That’s what I meant about somewhat remote. You have to have the control device & the camera close enough lớn each other for the Wi
Fi connection khổng lồ be maintained.

Trying lớn play back 4K videos from the camera wasn’t very satisfactory because of frequent pauses. The wireless connection didn’t seem to be fast enough to support a continuous flow at this resolution.

Warning: Geek Paragraph! When I connect devices directly to gadgets with them acting as an access point, I like to have a look lớn see if they serve up a web page. Sometimes there’s interesting stuff buried in there. This one has an IP address of and a pretty basic web page allowing some file uploads.

In addition khổng lồ charging via the USB connection, you can transfer videos và photos to lớn a gdtxdaknong.edu.vnputer so connected. The 3SIXT device can act as either a USB PC camera or mass storage when connected; you choose.


Is the 3SIXT Ultra HD Sports kích hoạt Camera the ultimate in the field? No way. But what it does offer is decent performance at an astonishingly low price, & with a full mix of accessories included. I just added a tripod and an extendable pole to lớn gdtxdaknong.edu.vnplete the ensemble.

Impressively packaged with a promise that goes far beyond the expectations of its modest price point but is 3SIXT the next to topple the giants of the sports kích hoạt camera world? We take a look at the latest Ultra HD Sports kích hoạt Camera with 4K shooting capability.

The 3SIXT Ultra HD Sports Camera boasts a long list of features for the relatively low price point – when gdtxdaknong.edu.vnparing lớn the likes of Go
Pro, Sony và the Garmin VIRB. Only the Shimano Sports Camera gdtxdaknong.edu.vnes close but it’s still double the price.

The impressive danh mục of features can be reeled off without too much of a flutter – these are all pretty standard requirements these days – but the catch is the Wi
Fi-gdtxdaknong.edu.vnpatibility, 4K recording, 16MB stills & 1.5″ colour screen lớn name a few. Those of us with a love for cycling however, will understand that many of our beloved products cost more for a reason; they’re simply better than the rest because they truly deliver.

We recently put the 3SIXT into the hands of a contributor who fancies himself a bit of a novice film-maker và asked him to slide the Ultra HD unit into his usual repertoire – consisting of just i
Phone 7 Plus. While the i
Phone undoubtedly finds its way into our hands often for generic video, attempting to lớn use a $1,000+ handset during a sport like cycling is far from ideal.

After a couple of months of use, here’s what we discovered about the 3SIXT Ultra HD Sports action Camera, as told by our tester.


Steady hands

I generally shoot in 1080p with 64fps primarily because it’s the lowest chất lượng (and fastest loading) that still looks good on a phone, where most people are likely to lớn see it. Anything above và it’s hard lớn see the difference in quality unless you’re on a large desktop. The 3SIXT can shoot at 4K but the frame rate is reduced khổng lồ 24fps which poses a number of challenges, that I’ll get khổng lồ in a moment.

The colour và lighting settings are above average and even when pointed directly at the sun, it does a reasonable job at balancing the light. Cutting in và out of shadows like you might experience on a climb or descent poses no issue for the unit but the lack of built-in stabilisation means you really need a gimbal or post-production software to smooth it out. As a casual film-maker, my time is better spent riding rather than at home in front of the gdtxdaknong.edu.vnputer attempting khổng lồ splice together my most recent weekend adventure. When set khổng lồ 4K (24fps) you can expect a far more bumpy recording if using a handlebar mount.

Beam me up Scottie

There is nothing worse than missing a moment because you can’t get the camera up và running immediately. After practicing the start-up many times while sitting still, the real world fire-up remained challenging. The smooth design and flush finish is lovely khổng lồ look at but had a gdtxdaknong.edu.vnpounding effect when placed inside the protective case. Accidentally pressing the on switch twice seemed lớn be a regular occurrence – tiny snippets of footage being captured – while the real kích hoạt was missed. Ideally, I’d love top see some kind of indicator, be it flashing light or otherwise, lớn inform the user when it’s live. Thankfully, info is shown on the screen but this is difficult lớn see when underneath your handlebars or when rapidly fumbling it out of your back pocket.

Going the distance

Claimed battery life is 90 minutes, with a three-hour charge time but in reality, it’s closer to lớn 60 minutes. Considering it’s one of the lightest in its class – cresting the scales at a scant 72 grame – the runtime is still sufficient for the way in which these cameras should be used. Turn them on, capture a few seconds or minute (tops) or footage và put it away again. That said, at just 60 minutes of battery, you bởi vì need lớn be cautious with usage.


Mounts on mounts

The Accessories Pack is astounding và given the inclusions that arrive as standard with the camera, it’s really something else! I have never seen so many mounts packaged into one offering. It was a treat having so many to lớn choose from & also opened my eyes to fresh shooting angles. Better still, the vast majority are gdtxdaknong.edu.vnpatible with the Go
Pro range, even if you might find most of them staying in the packaging.

All in all the 3SIXT Ultra HD Sports kích hoạt Camera has the basics sorted và is a great starting point for anyone looking to lớn dip into the action camera world. Play khổng lồ its strengths with stable and planned shots, take the time to lớn learn how best lớn use its functions & you be delivered with some great & very usable footage. It’s a great start by 3SIXT & with some improvements in the battery and image stabilisation department, I expect it khổng lồ give the larger brands a real run for their money.

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You can also find a short clip below.

On Test: 3SIXT Ultra HD Sports action Camera

We've been playing around with the wallet-friendly 3SIXT Ultra HD Sports action Camera for a few weeks. At one-third of the cost of the latest offering from Go
Pro, it's was never going khổng lồ blow our minds but then again, it's not meant to. Here's a quick snippet from out on the road…

Posted by gdtxdaknong.edu.vn Magazine – australia on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

3SIXT Ultra HD Sports action Camera

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Action Camera Accessories Pack

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