After Sortiliena explained to them the backstory of the arch integrity knights, they more or less became more tense over the fact that someone so esteemed và great is going to lớn observe the sparring classes of the students. When lunch time was over, they make their way lớn the next class, which was unluckily the sparring sessions.

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The four are seen walking in the halls towards the direction of the training assembly.

Kirito: "Man, i'm kinda feeling uncomfortable knowing that an integrity knight will look at us the whole session." He said in exasperation.

Eugeo: "What's more is that it's an arch integrity knight." He added.

Alice: "Ease up you two, it's nothing more than just someone important watching over our sessions. It's not lượt thích she will interfere with us during our spars or something."

Asuna: "Yup, let's just stay calm and fight normally like we vày everyday. What could go wrong?"

They turn lớn a corner khổng lồ the next hall before they came across two familiar individuals. The look on their faces twisted into one of annoyance.

???: "Well if it isn't the four peasants from the countryside." A sly voice echoed through the path.

???: "Oh don't be lượt thích that Humbert, we have a reputation khổng lồ uphold as nobles remember." The person next to lớn him said.

Humber: "Oh alright Raios-sama."

The four teens look in irritation as they see the two swordsman nobles in training before them. High tension was present in the atmosphere as they look on at each others faces. Two gazes looking down on them, và four glares staring back.

Alice: "Do you need anything, Humbert and Raios?" She asked with a monotonous tone, showing a masked hostility.

The long wavy haired noble named Raios then approached Alice while bearing a suggesting look. He stops just a few inches away from the blonde girl while letting of a disgusting presence.

Raios: "Oho? Are you willing to lớn listen lớn our requests~" He then used his hand lớn brush itself on Alice's hair.

The girl didn't want any of it as she swats it away. Her three friends also went up khổng lồ her in a defensive manner.

Kirito: "Hands off buddy." He said with venom.

Kirito's remark cause Humbert khổng lồ feel irritated.

Humbert: "How dare you swat away a nobles hand you lowly mongrel!" The grey haired noble then began walking heavily lớn the group, only to lớn stop in his tracks as Raios puts up a hand before him. "Raios-sama!"

Raios: "It's alright Humbert, I forgive these peasants of their misdeeds." He looks at them this time with a smiling glare. "I truly wish that we could spend some more time together, but the sparring sessions will start soon & I don't want to disappoint the arch integrity knight lying in wait." He turns his back & proceeded to lớn walk away, Humbert following closely behind him while giving the group a glare. "I hope you can put up a show khổng lồ the lady knight you lot."

As they disappear from their sights, the group finally let off some steam.

Eugeo: "Alice, are you alright?" He puts his hand on her shoulder as he checks up on her.

Alice: "I'm fine, I just don't like dealing with those nobles." She shudders a little bit.

Asuna: "Those guys seriously needs khổng lồ be reprimanded." She fumes.

Kirito: *sigh* "We can't bởi anything about those two. Let's just get khổng lồ the training assembly và go on with our days."

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